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The Clear Test

The Always Clear drain line device was developed after 6 years of extensive testing in a wide range of extreme temperatures and fluctuating environmental conditions. In tests conducted at over 50 locations in these states (SC, FL, GA, AL, MS, TX, AZ, CA, OH, NJ, NC, and KY) Always Clear has met or exceeded performance expectations.

Design improvements between the fabrication of the initial Alpha Model and the most recently produced Delta Model have provided for ZERO failures when properly installed and maintained on an annual basis. Six years of extensive testing and no failures.

Always Clear is a patent pending device that uses hydrology, proprietary directional vents and the science of slope angles to fully utilize the annual cartridge to clear, clean, and maintain functional HVAC drain lines.


Technical Data

The placement of the intake, outflow and floor and directional vents of the Always Clear device eliminates vacuum induced hydraulic back draft and liquid back flow to the HVAC air handler. The patented design length and spacing of the cartridge silo also prevents vacuum induced air backdraft to the HVAC air handler.

Always Clear prevents the obstruction caused by algae and white slime in air conditioner drain lines and saves you time, money and property damage for a fraction of the cost of service and repairs!

Clear HVAC Device

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Always Clear drain line device and its accompanying cartridge were developed for the sole purpose of maintaining clean and effective air conditioner drain lines. Average installation time for a plumber or do-it-yourself handyman is less than 10 minutes.

After the initial installation, replacing the environmentally safe cleaning cartridge on a yearly basis requires approximately 15 SECONDS. Simply remove the cap on the Always Clear device … drop the cartridge into the chamber … and replace the cap. Clear lines for another year - Always!

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