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Your CLEAR-HVAC Solution for our professional and our DYI clients

Air Handler Solution

Welcome to Your Clear HVAC Solution

The Real Solution for a Real Problem. Air conditioning drain line failure is a real problem. Algae and white slime cause an air conditioning unit to stop functioning and drain pans to overflow causing damage to floors, ceilings, and drywall. This problem exists in almost all homes. If this has never happened to you, just ask your neighbor. Insurance companies claim air conditioning drain line failure as one of their highest claims by volume. Service calls and damage to your home and property can be a costly problems. Yearly a/c maintenance, pouring chlorine bleach down the drain line, and pan tablets obviously do not work. There hasn’t been a permanent solution to air conditioning drain line failure, until now! Always Clear was developed to keep your air conditioning drain line clear and eliminate the need for expensive repairs. It is easy to install and maintain with yearly cartridge replacement and completely affordable!

The Clear HVAC device and included cartridge retails for $94.95 plus shipping. (This price is less than the cost for a single drain line repair service call.)

The annual replacement cartridge is $24.95 plus shipping and Clear HVAC provides an automatic delivery program that reminds customers of the yearly maintenance and cartridge replacement process. Clear HVAC is also available at select retail outlets. Clear HVAC is a patent pending device that uses hydrology, proprietary directional vents and the science of slope angles to fully utilize the annual cartridge to maintain and keep clear, clean and functional HVAC drain lines.

Clear HVAC comes with a no bull lifetime warranty and lifetime guarantee. Conditions may apply.

Proudly made in America!

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